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He's Baaack...

He’s Baaack By Bill Stork, DVM “This must be the worst part of your job”, or “I could never be a vet”, owners will say on the dreaded day. There is truth. Not once have I jumped out of bed, and thought, “Boy, I can’t wait to go out and put some dogs to sleep today." Equally true is, in the hands of conscientious owners and loving families, euthanasia is a gift. Whether 13 years or six months, animals who have lived every good day possible, do not have to suffer or be in pain until they naturally pass. It’s never easy. And after 24 years, there are still tears. Jenny and Jon Dotzler are the family you hope to have on the other side of the fence. They lived at the mouth of the cul-de-sac, acro

Deere John

Deere John By Bill Stork, DVM Dear John, This is the letter I never thought I’d have to write. They say “Nothing runs like a Deere”. It was a John Deere B With a row crop front end Hand crank and a flywheel, The original paint It won’t work another field, Or farm another farm Some restaurant up in Omaha’s Got it parked out on its lawn -Fred J. Eaglesmith from Balin' Fred could have been singing about the 1935 my Uncle Con used to plant 240 acres of popcorn in Christian County clay and loam, halfway between Stonington and Taylorville, Illinois. Don Walser sang: I work an old John Deere Tractor ever-a-day Plowin’ plantin’ crops and balin’ hay… You know John Deere tractors break down from time

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