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Rack out and roll

Rack out and roll By Bill Stork, DVM The Amazing Dick Bass was a tenured professor of electrical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. I knew him as a graduate student at the University of Illinois. While sittin’ on his front porch pickin’ “Shady Grove” on his banjo, he was prone to leaping from his stool and chasing an occasional car down 4th street. Toyota or Plymouth, he seemed to have little preference. As nerds go, he was relatively fleet of foot, but without fail, the car would get away. Back on the porch he’d situate the oft maligned Sears and Roebuck bluegrass tool back on his lap. Eventually he’d catch his breath, shrug, and giggle, “You know, Billy Stork, some days they j

The Dropsies

The Dropsies By Bill Stork, DVM After thirteen years we were sad to lose our Dr. Clark to the allure of love in the Buckeye State. She gave notice on January 8th, at which time her departure date was to-be-determined. By the time snow receded to green grass, we had only received applications from three fine new graduates… and an airplane mechanic from Kansas City. (Whom I offered to fly in for an interview stipulating that he bring five pounds of Arthur Bryant’s ribs.) I was starting to fidget like a congressman in a confessional. The morning of Wednesday April 18th, I was absently flipping through offers from Orbitz, Ticketmaster, and The Barrymore Theater, when my index finger paused a cen

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