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BID (every 12 hours)

BID (every 12 hours) By Bill Stork, DVM [Disclaimer: Some names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent. Some details have been made up entirely for entertainment. That said, the ending is entirely true.] The sound of her name as spoken by Pepe Le Pew or a high school French student would conjure up images of sipping tea, nibbling croissants and watching the sun rise over the River Seine in Paris. The sound of her voice at 8:00AM conjures images of a family feud between Duck Dynasty and Swamp People, and requires Claire to bump her chest in order to keep the Kwik Trip ham-egg-cheese breakfast bagel on the South side of her esophagus. Let the record show that the over-fed Bos

Dr. Bruce Brodie

Dr. Brodie By Bill Stork, DVM In production animal agriculture there is a concept called the Welfare Plateau. It was set forth by a brilliant professor from the University of Illinois named Stanley Curtis. Dr. Curtis was a sizeable man with a photographic memory who moved with great purpose. It was said, and with little exaggeration, if he were to make a sudden stop the first graduate student in his entourage would disappear and may never be seen again. Decorum and respect dictate that we leave the reader to extrapolate Dr. Curtis’ anatomic disproportionality. The Welfare Plateau is not brain surgery. It says that the better feed, water, ventilation and housing we provide for our animals, th

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