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From Aristotle to The Amazing Dick Bass, and The Seven Minute Nap

Aristotle, Gary Edmonds, Leonardo DaVinci, JFK, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, William E. Stork, and The Amazing Dick Bass... a short list of impressively productive, thoughtful, and influential people in history. None of whom had a single follower on Instagram. They are also obligate nappers. Margaret Thatcher was known as The Iron Lady, often working in-excess-of twenty-hour days. She would take multiple snooze breaks throughout the day. Churchill was said to work third shift; he’d work until the wee hours of the morning, then conk out for two to three hours in the afternoon. John and Jackie Kennedy built their schedules around a two-hour siesta, midday. Salvador Dali w


Perspective By Bill Stork, DVM South Main Street in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, had deteriorated into a tree-lined cattle path. My preferred modes of transport are a three-quarter-ton pickup and a mountain bike, so it didn’t bother me much. But when the Prius’ and mini-vans started to bottom out and we lost a Smart Car in a sink hole, it was time to repave. To make room for parking and bike lanes, and to secure state funding, it was dictated the trees along the boulevard had to come down. Smartly-dressed, persuasive, and articulate, Charlie Roy and the whole town rallied, but the government won. Today, Main Street looks like Barneveld, Wisconsin after the ’84 tornado. We can take some solace. Wal

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