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Poker Face

Poker Face By Bill Stork, DVM Young couples of today are less interested in traditional marriage, McMansions, and his-n-hers Lexus SUVs. It's frightening to think they have graduated, taken jobs, and co-habitated since I pulled my first calf in veterinary practice. They are born with tattoos and big beards, are deeply concerned about the world, the environment, and they love their pets. This generation (not to be referred to as Millennials) looking to adopt their first “fur babies” comes armed with Smart Phones like a third appendage. They access web-sites, blog posts, and Twitter streams on housetraining, proper socialization, and the most holistic, all-natural-organic-locally-sourced-glute

I'm home

I’m Home By Bill Stork, DVM Dave Mulderink had lived in Lake Mills his entire life, and recently retired from teaching Physical Education. I had migrated from The Land of Lincoln, and was nearing my first decade in veterinary practice. We had vaccinated, castrated, and pregnancy-checked his 22 Hereford cows and their calves. For the month leading up to our herd check, Dave had a round bale feeder full of prime second crop alfalfa in the corral. In previous attempts we had looked like poorly-trained monkeys herding feral cats. Now, the cows had to walk through the chute in order to get to breakfast. They filed through like hung-over college kids for Chicken Kiev on Sunday morning, leaving a

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