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The Pike County Jesus is a Packers fan

The Pike County Jesus is a Packers Fan By Bill Stork, DVM Lose the wrap-around shades and Guinness t-shirt, cloak him in a long, white robe, and Shawn Burdick is a dead ringer for Diogo Morgado from the sparsely attended 2014 movie Son of God. While he’s not had to hang from a cross outside the gates of Jerusalem, capped in a crown of thorns, he’s had a tough go from day one. Born with an atrial-septal defect and schistosomas reflexus, if he’d been a dairy calf, Shawn would have never been weaned. I sat across the family table from Shawn in June 2015, at the wedding of Erika Edmonds to Handsome Joe Hefler. Erika is the eldest daughter of my friends, Gary and Diane. She and her sister are bea

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