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Rambo (part 2 of 2)

Rambo (part 2 of 2) By Dr. Bill Stork “Well I suppose,” I stammered. “When are you thinking…” as I heard a gate agent make the last call for boarding. “Actually, Mr. Bill, I’m at the airport now,” he stated the obvious. He assured me I would have no problem. She was in the basement and the sliding door on the walk-out patio was unlocked. The only thing Rambo disliked more than needles and nail trimmers was snow. (To that list we would later add 6-foot 4-inch men in rubber boots, Carhartt caps and headlamps.) Her food was in the kitchen, he detailed. “All you have to do is open the slider, she’ll do her business and run right back in,” he said. In a 144-square-foot exam room with two skilled

Rambo (part 1 of 2)

Rambo (part 1 of 2) By Bill Stork, DVM We were recently approached by a retired social worker who spent a career's worth of compassion in the service of people in need. Motivated to redirect her energy and exercise her love of animals, she is planning a doggie daycare and walking service, here in Lake Mills. In order to ensure that she breaks out of the not-for-profit business model, she has sought the input of potential customers and professionals. She approached Mittsy, our staff behaviorist, looking for insight and expertise. Apparently indefatigable in her mission to ensure the proper treatment and socialization of anything that breathes, Mittsy was quick to avail herself. I was invited

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