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The Quilt of Many Colours

The Quilt of Many Colours By Bill Stork, DVM It’s been said that if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. As if being a Holstein Rectum Ranger is not rewarding unto itself, I always walk away enlightened by the herdsman, hired hand, or farmer. Especially at the Haack farm. Rolling east over the hill on Holzhueter Lane, I’ll wave at Russ Dahl turning into his drive with a spreader empty of leftover round bales and Red Angus fertilizer. In my head, I’ll be repeating the day’s quote from Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, or the origin of Superman, tendered by Ryan, sure I’ll never forget it. Ryan once shared that when he has a good thought comin’ on, he’ll stop milkin

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