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Just dial By Bill Stork, DVM Claire will text during office hours with client questions, new calls, or when she senses the technicians are staging a coup. My wife is the queen of concise, and very respectful of business hours. Unless, she’s spotted a broken-down farm sink, She-Shed, or homeless monkey. So, when the Samsung pings more than three times, it’s either Uncle Scott on a political rant, or a message from a client with a vomiting dog, down cow, or a 7-gram turtle who’s passed an eighteen-inch tapeworm. Our service converts voice messages to text and drops them in my phone: "Hi, Sue Nelson Alba first time effort and she had been milking really good, but she's dropped way off and can f


Disguises By Bill Stork, DVM Saturday mornings I listen to The Del McCoury Band, Doyle Lawson, or Rhonda Vincent. For breakfast, I eat a blueberry glazed donut, and drink a carton of chocolate milk. There are people who come into our lives at a time of need, or bring an energy, perspective, or spirit that affects our every breath. Whether by character or chronology, they become part of our DNA. I am blessed to know many, but I work to live my life in homage to The Amazing Dick Bass. If I speak kindly or extend a hand it is in hopes that when I’m Glory bound, I’ve earned the words said, and the tears shed the morning of Sunday, April 25th, 1999, at the Cobb Creek Baptist Church, in Atlanta, G

Grandpa's Walnuts

Grandpa’s Walnuts By Bill Stork, DVM If there is a prion I’d attempt to implant on the readers of these writings, it would be awareness. Let us not get so wrapped in whom our president has offended, whether Aaron Rodgers’ knee will be good to go against the Vikings, or - God forbid - the next tweet or FB post, to fail to absorb the splendor of a random Tuesday afternoon. One year ago, I was plucking Black-Eyed Susans from the ditches to adorn our barn, and mouthing my vows to the paths in Korth Park. Seventy-two hours after the I dos and ‘til death do us parts, Dad was in the hospital. The end is inevitable, and when it was nigh, I made a conscious effort to absorb every emotion and nuance.

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