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A boy named Sue (part 2)

A boy named Sue (part 2) By Dr. Bill Stork Over the years, I had developed a nearly bullet-proof wardrobe scheme for a job that would turn Mike Rowe's stomach. I pull my Helly Hansen 100% waterproof, rubber rainpants and jacket tight at the neck and over my boots, like a farm-ready, cold weather dive suit. In the bucket of iodine water were two bottles of Calcium and Dextrose, 20cc of Banamine to help her inevitable discomfort (think IV Advil), 4cc of lidocaine for an epidural, and two feet of umbilical tape (medical shoestring) on an S-curved needle big enough to drive any reasonable woman to a life of chastity. Over my right shoulder was a 10-foot bull halter to anchor her front so I could

A Boy Named Sue (part 1)

A boy named Sue (part 1) By Bill Stork, DVM County T north of Waterloo, Wisconsin is straight as a runway at O’Hare. There were 2500 fire numbers between the intersection of County I and a cow who had “cast her withers”. I wound the Cummins turbo-diesel up to “flyin’ low” and punched the button on the dash to engage the “Jake Brake” in order to save some pads and rotors upon re-entry. Not to mention, it sounds really cool. For those who have seen the "No Engine Braking Except in Emergency" signs on the edge of small country towns looking to stay that way, and wondered… a “Jake” is a sort of mechanical parachute. Somewhere in the exhaust manifold, there is a gate that can be diverted so as to

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