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When love comes to town, RIP Remix

Katie Gould quoted her father in his last moments, "To live in the hearts of those you leave behind, is not to die". On May 14, 2015, we lost the physical presence of BB King here on Earth. He will live for eternity in our hearts, ears and in our souls. In tribute, a rare rerun: Inspired by the global success of Live Aid, conceived to bring awareness to the ongoing famine in Ethiopia, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young organized a movement to bring aid and awareness to the struggling American Family Farmer. Farm Aid I took place on September 22, 1985, in Champaign, Illinois. The iconic lineup ranged from Texas songwriter Joe Ely to the Mount Rushmore of Country Music: Waylon Jenni

The Big Dig

When a concerned client bursts through the door of our Veterinary Hospital like Kramer on crack, I reach for my inner Steven Wright. "Doc! It’s like he’s being attacked from his rectum… out." Four thoughts flashed through my head: That poor dog. How can we help? You couldn’t have delivered a more obvious lead line for a story if you’d wrapped it with a bow. Dr. Ronald Smith Veterinary medicine is a famously collegial fraternity. This is fortunate. You can graduate from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, be certified by a half-dozen different boards, and have two dozen letters after your title; yet, when your own pet breaks a toenail, you lose your cotton pickin’ mind. It’s good to call

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