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Prius Pete

Prius Pete By Bill Stork, DVM Three generations of flat-land farmers at the stump of my family tree and 22 years in service of Wisconsin dairy farmers have often rendered me enraptured with "ordinary" country experiences. A rural route the length of the Land of Lincoln straight as a chalk line, or Farmington Road riding high on a Jefferson County drumlin can be a six-sense overload. A has-been, half-rate bike racer, and the son of a long boom crane operator and fisherman is required by blood to live in constant awareness of the wind’s direction, velocity… and character. Three weeks past the expiration of daylight savings time I found myself heading west on Dane County BB in hot pursuit of a

Private Gillespie

Private Gillespie By Bill Stork, DVM Living among future engineers and doctors for eight years of college, the son of a construction worker and a stay-at-home mom can only absorb so much “book learnin’”. For the middle years at the U of I, Saturday mornings I merged with the Amazing Dick Bass at Ye Old Donut shop to graze on run-of-the-mill pastries and drink pond-water in a porcelain diner mug. While nutrition may not have served the four food groups, the wisdom of the “regulars” was well worth $3.50, plus tip. A fifteen minute diatribe on politics, gas prices or the erosion of family values from a retired black top foreman and a pipe fitter perched on red plastic stool at a dingy white cou

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