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The Polar Embrace

The “Polar Embrace”, or "Nine Below Zero" progress report By Bill Stork, DVM Michael Perry is known for his surgical sense of humor. His novel, “Visiting Tom”, made it to number 21 on the New York Times best seller list. His heartland masterpiece, Population 485, has given birth to a culture, and is still going strong. Last year Mike expounded on a beautiful piece that he had written, re-written, edited and wrestled into place. He stepped back to admire the masterpiece. From the third person perspective came a realization: there was an element of familiarity to the article. Further research revealed he had written the same piece, word for word, comma for punctuation, three years prior. Were

Family Tradition

Family Tradition By Bill Stork, DVM Traditions are like fingerprints: every family has their own. They are the twine that binds future generations to the elders. More traditions are focused on Christmas than any other time of the year. The infamous Fruit Cake with a half-life that would make a Twinkie seem like day-old bread. The two pairs of Levi's my grandma bought my dad every year (the receipt would be taped to the box; they were always two inches too short). There is an 80-acre farm in northern Minnesota, seven clicks on Google Maps from the nearest four-lane, and 80 minutes from Fargo. It is defined by the ethic of the man who founded it and steeped in traditions that will ensure the f

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