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Stepping from Herriot's Shadow

Stepping from Herriot's Shadow

Four years ago, Dr. Stork sat down to write stories about dogs, cats, cows, farms, families, and faith. Collectively they became In Herriot’s Shadow, a book about humanity. He is still a country vet practicing in a small town in Wisconsin, writing with the same unique voice, but Stepping from Herriot’s Shadow is anything but a continuum. The book you are holding is bound and printed, but it is a snapshot. The writings and reflections that have become Stepping from Herriot's Shadow are alive. Their direction is unknown. The path will be guided by a pearl plucked from conversation with the next farmer, teacher, or tap dancer he encounters. 

He moves from responding to road-raging “Prius Pete”, to celebrating survival in “Family Tradition.” Amazon reviewer Sarah said of In Herriot’s Shadow, “He doesn’t write much about animals.” Well, Sarah, here are stories about elusive Jack Russell terriers, free range pigs, old black Labs, rampaging cows, and skunks. There are also stories about a WWII Veteran barber, anger management, serendipity, and gaining strength by way of a sick daughter, or climbing a mountain.
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    Paperback, 5.75 X 8.75 inches
    Stepping from Herriot's Shadow
    By Bill Stork, DVM
    ISBN-10: 1-942586-16-7
    ISBN-13: 978-1-942586-16-6
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